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Aurum of Jersey enjoy sharing their showroom as well as their values with CHANEL watches as they are true creations. CHANEL placing great importance on the quality of its gemstones and precious metals as does Aurum.

It is in Switzerland, in the setting workshops, which are totally integrated in the watchmaking activity that all the exceptional CHANEL time-pieces come alive. To achieve perfection, CHANEL relies on the dual expertise of jewellery and watchmaking to create exceptional watches with a powerful allure.



The BOY.FRIEND is a watch for people who forge their own style; a way for them to overturn established codes. Its octagonal shape has been stripped to a bare minimum: what remains are the clean lines of a watch whose boldness is found in its simplicity. BOY.FRIEND is more than just a genre. It is a style, a certain idea of femininity revealed through a masculine presence.



As a veritable stylistic manifesto, the J12 is a total break from the norm. With each second, this sporty ceramic timepiece revolutionizes the present. It boasts exquisite mechanics with uncompromising design, a radical aesthetic that is commensurate to its sensual density and absolute comfort that is measured by its functionality. Its power is appraised by its presence and its character is revealed through its authority. Graphic and black, stark white or brilliantly chromatic, the J12 is a veritable icon in watchmaking.



The Première watch has the dimensions of eternal femininity, and the proportions of unrelenting modernity. It is octagonal like the Place Vendôme and is reduced to its simplest and most understated perfection. The Première watch is set without any hour markers and wraps effortlessly around the wrists of women who master all styles. It will forever be the watch of "la Première heure".


L’Instant Chanel

With the same creative boldness that characterised Gabrielle Chanel, each CHANEL watch gives time a unique allure with its instantly recognisable style.

The “Première” features pure, essential lines that symbolise the eternal femininity of CHANEL, while the “J12” is a unique marriage of sporty elegance and technical brilliance. “Mademoiselle Privé” is a masterpiece of the artistic crafts whose infinite details underscore the refinement of its delicate dial.

Born from a tradition of excellence that combines watchmaking expertise and the precise gestures of a jeweler, CHANEL Watchmaking makes each moment that passes exceptional.

These are CHANEL moments.


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