Aurum landmarks of Jersey



Seymour Tower - £367.00

Sterling silver replica of Seymour Tower on an Agate Base



Rocco Tower - £466.00

The solid sterling silver model of Rocco Tower on an Agate Base



Round Tower - £366.00

Sterling silver model of a Jersey Coastal Tower



Hougue Bie - £457.00

La Hougue Bie has dominated Jersey’s landscape for 6,000 years



Mont Orgueil - £924.00

This sterling silver model is based on Mont Orgueil castle



Grosnez Castle - £629.00

Replica of Grosnez Castle in Sterling Silver



Fort Henry - £1475.00

The model of Fort Henry is replicated from the Fort which lies on Gorey Common



Noirmont Observation Tower - £900.00

One of the most potent symbols of the Nazi Occupation of Jersey



White House - £371.00

Stunning objet d'art of the White House created out of sterling silver in Aurum's workshop presented on crystal agate.



La Corbiere Lighthouse - £595.00

Stunning objet d'art of La Corbiere Lighthouse created out of sterling silver presented on crystal agate



Aurum of Jersey's in-house qualified designer and goldsmiths have created a collection of objet d'art that will take your breath away.

The new collection is based on some of the eye-catching landmarks that can be seen on the beautiful Island of Jersey. These man-made structures often relate to the wartime German occupation of the island such as Noirmont Observational Tower, to some of Jersey's most scenic and historical landmarks including Grosnez Castle and La Corbiere Lighthouse.

This growing collection of Jersey Landmarks are created by Aurum of Jersey's craftsmen in sterling silver and presented on coloured agate crystal slices. If you are looking for a particular Jersey landmark and cannot see it here please do not hesitate in contacting the showroom with your request and the Aurum artists will more than likely be able to create it for you.