Aurum Jewellers

Creators of Exquistite Jewellery Since 1968


At Aurum Jewellers in Jersey, we are renowned for our bespoke gold and silver jewellery, exclusive giftware and rare gems.
We are a family business and have carved out an enviable reputation as one of the Island's leading jewellers by using artistry
and craftsmanship to capture the beauty, warmth and fire of precious metals and gemstones.

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Colours of Caprice

The creative journey from inspiration to perfection


The architecture and design of Antoni Gaudi was the inspiration for Aurum Jewellers 6th annual bespoke collection.

Designer Alexa Blampied has loved this famous Catalan architect’s work since her first visit to Barcelona as an 18 year old student of jewellery making. Three further visits to the vibrant Spanish city served to cement her deep admiration of Gaudi’s craft. His colourful mosaics and dream-like organic curves characterise the Catalan Moderniste movement of the late 1800s to early 1900s, equivalent in time period to the Art Nouveau movement elsewhere.


Head Designer for
'Colours of Caprice'

With painstaking care Aurum’s goldsmiths and gemsetters skillfully handcrafted thirty of Alexa’s designs in gold and platinum with the finest of gemstones.

Antoni’s passion was nature in all its free flowing forms and he excelled in creating architectural features in sinuous wrought iron, richly coloured ceramic tiles and a mosaic technique called trencadis. He also designed the interior decoration for his buildings which included intricate and often asymmetrical woodwork, curved and undulating furniture and stained glass to achieve stunning indoor lighting effects.


Alexa’s personal favourite piece from the collection is a richly striking cocktail ring called ‘Impulse’.

‘Impulse’ features a vibrantly warm golden chequer top citrine set in yellow gold. The rounded shape of the domed top 15.69ct stone called to her mind  the bulbous form of the terracotta pots crowning the  roof apex of Gaudi’s  quirky Casa  Batllo. The design of the mount and setting which cradles the stone is curvy and sensual. Alexa also took into account the considerable depth of the stone and designed unconventional V shaped, diamond edged openings  on the shoulders of the ring  to allow the gorgeous facetted pavilion of the stone to be viewed as well.


'Glamour' Collection

Art Deco and the Golden Age of Glamour are the inspirations behind Aurum of Jersey's 7th annual bespoke collection for 2011/2012.

Bailiwick Chess Set

This project helped commemorate Aurum's 40th Anniversary. A fascination with the history of chess was the initial spark for Aurum's owner Richard Blampied's idea to create, with his talented team, a Chess set incorporating chess characters pertinent to the Channel Island history.

Gift for his Excellency

Aurum designed and created a sterling silver and Jersey oak scale model of  a Jersey apple crusher, a recognisable and well-loved symbol of traditional Jersey Life.