Ring Sizes

We want you to purchase the correct size jewellery, especially rings. So please spare a minute to read through Aurum of Jersey’s sizing guide.
If you have any additional questions please call (01534) 736182, we are happy to help in any way we can.

Working out your ring size

You may already know your ring size based on a ring you have that fits comfortably. If this is not the case to work out your ring size please see below.

To find out your ring size wrap a piece of string, or a narrow strip of paper, around the base of the finger you want to measure. Make sure you can slide the string, or paper, easily over your knuckle.

Use a pen to mark where the end of the string meets the string wrapped around the finger. This bit might be easier if you get someone to help you.
Using a ruler measure the length of the string from the starting point to the pen mark in millimeters.

Check the measurement against the chart below to find your ring size.
Where two sizes are given in the chart below, such as P-Q, this corresponds to a finger size that falls between two measurements, in this example between 56.23mm and 57.49mm.

The best time of day to measure your fingers is at the end of the day, because then they are at their biggest. Your fingers are at their smallest when they are cold so try to avoid measuring them at that time.

Ring Sizes Chart

Measured Size (mm) Ring Size UK
36.25 A
38.64 B
39.9 C
41.15 D
42.41 E
43.67 F
44.92 G
46.18 H
47.44 I
48.69 J
49.95 K
51.24 L
52.46 M
53.72 N
54.98 O
56.23 P
57.49 Q
58.75 R
60.00 S
61.26 T
62.52 U
63.77 V
65.00 W
66.29 X
67.51 Y
68.77 Z


The Classic-length necklaces at 46cm (18-inch) – are our most popular style. They fall just below the neckline and slightly lower when a pendant is attached.
We have chains with two adjustable lengths which so you can choose a length you prefer more easily.


Our bracelets measure an average 19 cm. We are able to lengthen or shorten for the perfect fit, lengthening can be more difficult but we will do our best. 

If the jewellery you have purchased online does not fit please return it to us unworn and we will exchange the piece for the correct size.