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Our Artisans

Creators of exquisite jewellery from design to completion

Aurum of Jersey is a thriving family business creating exquisite jewellery and objets d’art and employing a total of 15 staff. Presently, the busy workshop employs 5 goldsmiths including one apprentice and one stone setter led by workshop manager and head Goldsmith Derek Uren who has been with Aurum for over 30 years. As the day to day running of the business is so intensive, qualified goldsmiths Richard and Julie no longer sit full time at the bench but still spend much time advising and deciding on the fine details of the various jobs and commissions.


With an equal female to male ratio,  the team has  English, Scottish, German, South African and of course, Jersey nationals among the staff. Their skilful work, both upstairs in the workshop and downstairs in the showroom, combined with the dreams and ambitions of Richard and Julie,  has led Aurum to become established as a world-class jewellery manufacturer. The thrill of having a bespoke Aurum creation cannot be underestimated. Almost anything can be designed and created by Aurum’s talented team, from Alexa’s accurate and artistic design to the final result, interpreted by the goldsmiths using traditional skills and craftsmanship, some of which are unchanged for hundreds of years. There have been many exquisite and wonderful items created by the workshop. Bringing a dream to life is part of what Aurum does. A reputation for excellence, for having traditional values and being trustworthy is not achieved overnight, but Aurum’s workshop accomplished this long ago. The past fifty years have brought immense success and satisfaction for Richard and his team and he takes a quiet pride at how far this jewellers, has come from its small beginnings.