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Our Bespoke Service

Exceptional quality, traditional values and fantastic customer satisfaction

Aurum of Jersey holds stocks of gold and platinum sheet and wire and a considerable quantity of excellent quality unmounted rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds to be used in creating the jewellery they lovingly make.

The Aurum team brings an originality of vision for their craft. Providing a very personal service designing and creating jewellery exclusively reflecting someone’s personality. You imagine and we will create, almost anything is possible.

A wide range of techniques and subtleties of craftsmanship are deployed by the goldsmiths of Aurum of Jersey. Most are of ancient provenance all requiring skills of the highest calibre and demanding years of training.

With award winning designer and goldsmiths your dream jewellery can be created.

After discussing the dreams of the customer, award winning designer Alexa Blampied produces hand drawn colour sketches of the piece required. The carefully chosen gemstones or diamonds destined for the piece of jewellery are then passed to the team of craftsmen. The goldsmiths artistically create the perfect mounts and settings before our gem setter skilfully displays the beautiful gems in their settings and the finished jewel is ready to be loved and treasured for a lifetime.

The Aurum goldsmiths also bring their exclusive skills to remodelling and redesigning pieces of jewellery passed down through generations so they can be loved by the next generation lucky enough to look after them. They can also supply fine and rare stones to replace losses.