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Jewellery Care

'Precious jewellery is worth a professional check'

18ct yellow gold can be cleaned with a wash out and wipe down with a cleaning cloth but white gold often discolours with wear and needs to be re-rhodium plated. This will need to be repeated every few years but more often for everyday rings and less often for earrings and pendants.

For jewellery worn regularly a professional check of the settings and fittings every couple of years is a good idea, especially where multiple rings are worn together on the same finger.

Watches should be serviced regularly, that is, before they stop working. A battery change every 3-4 years is quite normal. For a mechanical watch, a clean and re oil is more expensive but necessary to prevent excessive wear to all those moving parts, much the same as you would expect to have your car serviced regularly.

Line Bracelets are worn by many of us and have for some people become a daily staple, however they are made from a multitude of linked settings which can and will become worn and stretched over time. They too should be checked regularly if worn daily both for worn links and worn claws. Ideally we recommend that they are not layered up with either other bracelets and bangles or a watch, and definitely not kept on in bed.

Our top tip aka 'Doing the Kidman' There was a fantastic image that went viral of Nicole Kidman clapping at a catwalk show where her fingers were splayed out and likened to a seal. She later explained that she was wearing rings on both hands and to avoid scratching and damaging the stones she had to clap with her palms only. When clapping there is a huge amount of pressure on both rings which can lead to the metal becoming ‘smithed’ ie hardened by the continuous banging. We have seen rings split open and even stones that have smashed due to the impact of either a direct hit from the other ring or from tension in the mount due to the hardened metal.

Either way, it’s brilliant advice and we should all follow her lead.

Please remember the care of your jewellery is important to us as well as you. We can give you advice and hopefully your jewellery will give you trouble free pleasure for many years.