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We are able to size your newly purchased ring in-house, making it either smaller or larger, at no extra cost providing it was purchased from us.

Working out your size


You may already know your ring size, based on a ring you own that is a comfortable fit. If not if can come into our showroom we have the experience to advise you on the right finger size and the right type of ring to suit your lifestyle.   Another fail-safe way to work out your size is to bring a ring that is worn on the same finger as the one you want to buy into our showroom and we will measure it for you.

Our fingers tend to be larger at the end of the day, so please bear this in mind when you are trying on rings. Don’t try on a ring if your hands are too cold because your fingers may be up to half a size smaller. A ring should fit comfortably on your finger but still be loose enough to remove without much tugging.



The classical length necklaces is  46 cm (18-inch) – are most popular. They fall just below the neck and slightly lower if a pendant is attached.
Longer length necklaces are a versatile alternative. They tend to be between 99 cm and 109 cm (39 inches and 43 inches) and are designed to fall just below the bust.
If you would prefer a different length chain, we are happy to provide one upon request. This may incur an additional charge in some cases.



Most bracelets measure an average 18 cm (7-inches). We are able to shorten most bracelets for the perfect fit, but lengthening can be more difficult. Lengthening bracelets depends on the construction of the links, and may require us to make a new bracelet. Please contact us to find out more.