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The 'Blampied' Collection

As part of our recently launched collection we have turned to our roots and our family name, Blampied, which means 'White Foot.' We created a delightful emblem, not only symbolic to our jewellery business, but also for everyone on life's put your best foot forward!

Fifty years ago, Jerseyman Richard Blampied started a jewellery business. He couldn’t have imagined then that that small jewellery workshop would come so far.

To celebrate 50 fabulous years in the business of making gorgeous fine jewellery we have designed and created five key jewels using our top five favourite gemstones to represent each decade. The five stones are, (of course), diamond, ruby, sapphire, (in this case a stunning pink sapphire), emerald and tanzanite and we have used only the finest examples of these coloured gemstones.

With our anniversary coming up our thoughts had turned naturally to our roots in the business and this was something we really wanted to celebrate. So, an idea developed which incorporates hidden gems within the earth, spied through a cavern mouth surrounded by lush leaves, sinuous vines and knotty roots, the whole scene illuminated by a beam of sunlight. We decided to call our special production, ‘The Blampied Collection.’ After creating the initial five key and very intricate pieces, which signify leaves, stems, roots, dappled light and hidden crystals, our team of highly talented goldsmiths added to these by producing diffusion ranges of complementary jewellery in the theme of each key piece, bringing the total of collection pieces to fifty.

The Collection