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Choisir Collection

Luxurious, stylish and versatile designs. Pendants, earrings and rings come together in Aurum's latest remarkable designs.

Versatility is the key in Aurum’s latest collection, Choisir. Created with a variety of beautiful and rare gemstones, including rubies, diamonds, tanzanites, and Padparadscha sapphires amongst them, the pieces of jewellery can be converted from the more simple to the more elaborate according to the wearer’s choice.


Pendants, earrings and rings come together in Aurum’s latest remarkable collection. What makes the ‘Choisir’ Collection so exceptional is, not only the luxurious and stylish designs featuring gorgeous coloured precious gemstones and rare coloured diamonds as centre pieces, but the versatility of the pieces, allowing the wearer to choose the manner in which they wish to wear the piece. These remarkable jewels are a true demonstration of the skills of both designer and goldsmith. From flights of fancy to timeless elegance , each piece converts from one look to another to entice and inspire.

We have great pleasure in welcoming you to experience the diversity of Choisir.

The Collection