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Wednesday 06 May 2020 ‘Sweet Freedom’

Last year, while pondering the forthcoming 75th Anniversary of Liberation day being celebrated here in the Channel Islands, we came up with the idea of commemorating that day, so special to so many Channel Islanders, by creating a white dove symbolis...

Naturally Beautiful Thursday 22 Aug 2019 Naturally Beautiful

We are delighted to present a rare collection of pre-owned and cherished jewellery, of extraordinary...

Media Monday 11 Feb 2019 Media

’50 Years, 50 Pieces, 50 Days’ Wednesday 02 Jan 2019 ’50 Years, 50 Pieces, 50 Days’

'50 Years, 50 Items, 50 Days' To bring our 50-year celebrations to an end, we have selected 50 piece...

The Blampied Collection Wednesday 02 Jan 2019 The Blampied Collection

Aurum's latest collection celebrating 50 years

Magic Carpet Competition for Charity Tuesday 24 Jan 2017 Magic Carpet Competition for Charity

Our workshop carpet was worn out so it was time for a change. We knew it would have some value due t...

‘Choisir’ Collection Saturday 17 Sep 2016 ‘Choisir’ Collection

New Members to the Team Thursday 01 Sep 2016 New Members to the Team

‘Opal Essence’ Range Friday 22 Mar 2013 ‘Opal Essence’ Range

The new 'Opal Essence' range is exquisate and inspired by the 'Boulder Opal,' designed by Alexa Blam...

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