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Magic Carpet Competition for Charity

Our workshop carpet was worn out so it was time for a change. We knew it would have some value due to the platinum, gold and silver dust falling from the Goldsmiths work benches and clothing, but we had no idea how much!

Date Tuesday 24 Jan 2017

We decided to have a little fun by starting a competition among the local community. We asked them to guess how much money they thought our 15 year old carpet would be worth. The winner would be the most accurate guess and they would then choose which charity Aurum donated the money too.

We were staggered when told that we would be receiving a cheque for well over £13,000. The lady who won the competition chose Jersey Hospice Care  to donate the money too, they were over the moon.

Our story was lucky enough to be picked up by other media outlets have a look here :

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