2 Baby ‘Bean’ Charm and Bracelet in Silver

Baby ‘Bean’ Charm and Bracelet in Silver

Ever wondered what to give your favourite human 'bean'?

Aurum thought it a fine idea to create a silver and gold Jersey Bean. Just in-case you don't know,  a "Bean" is the popular nick-name to call somebody from the island of Jersey. The word 'bean' comes from the Jersey dish 'Bean Crock.'

Pick from our freshly made 'Crock of Beans' to see what fun we've 'bean' having personalising them! Here are some ideas of what you can have stamped on your special gold or silver 'Bean' charm. 

"IN LOVE"   "SEXY"    "WKD"     "FAB"     "BRAINY"      "LOL"      "NAUGHTY"      "COOL"      "OMG"

There is a minimum charge of £5 to have a personal message stamped on to your 'bean.'

This silver 'bean' charm comes with a sterling silver bracelet or they can be sold separately.  Baby 'bean' charm is pricesd at £65 and the charm bracelelt is priced at £35. 



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