Crapaud jewellery range

Crapaud jewellery range

Jersey people are traditionally called ‘crapauds’, the French word for ‘toads’. Jersey was the last Channel Island to be cut off after the Ice Age so the common toad occurs only here, and this is the most likely reason for the colloquial name of Jersey people.

Rather than croak about their nickname, the people of Jersey take a certain ironic pride in their “crapaud” status. So proud are they of their moniker that the capital of St.Helier has boasted a public sculpture of the creature since 2004. The bronze crapaud squats proudly atop his nine-foot column in Charing Cross, an area previously known for its marshland toads.

Aurum ‘Crapaud’ range in sterling silver or 18ct gold, available as a ornament, charms, or cufflinks.


Crapaud charm set onto a bracelet – Jersey price £160

Crapaud cufflinks – Jersey price £460

Crapaud landmark – Jersey price £345




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