2 Rocco Tower Jersey Landmark

Rocco Tower Jersey Landmark

This striking model is based ¬†on La Rocco Tower which lies off the West coast of Jersey, at the Southern end of St Ouen’s Bay. It was the twenty third tower to be built and was the last to be based on the Jersey round tower design. La Rocco was built in 1796 and completed in 1801.

The gun platform at the top of the tower would have been able to house five thirty two pounder guns and would have provided a formidable line of defence had the French decided to attack the coast here. The Germans badly damaged the tower during the Second World War, when it was used for target practice by German artillery from the Jersey main land. La Rocco was finally restored in 1969.

The Jersey Landmark model is designed and handcrafted by Aurum’s qualified designer and goldsmiths. The solid sterling silver objet d’art is finished with various techniques such as polishing, satining and oxidising. The beautiful finished model is then presented on a slice of agate which forms in various colours.

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