4 Seymour Tower Jersey Landmark

Seymour Tower Jersey Landmark

The popular sterling silver models of Seymour Tower are based on a tower situated two kilometres out to sea in the Royal Bay of Grouville which was built in 1782 as a part of Jersey’s coastal defence against French invasion.

Due to Jersey’s close proximity to France, invasion was particularly easy and the low-lying coastal areas were very vulnerable. Thirty-two granite-constructed towers were ordered to be built around Jersey as a defence against invaders.  All the other towers were round, as this was considered more effective against the enemy attack, but Seymour Tower was of square construction.  Twenty-two towers were completed in total.

The Jersey Landmark model is designed and handcrafted by Aurum’s qualified designer and goldsmiths and is finished with various techniques such as polishing, satining and oxidising.

The beautiful finished model is  presented on a slice of agate which forms in various colours.


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