3 Sweet Freedom

Sweet Freedom

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Liberation day being marked here in the Channel Islands, we came up with the idea of commemorating that day, so special to so many Channel Islanders, by creating a white dove symbolising both peace and liberty.

We have created a Limited Edition of 75 18ct white gold dove pendants with diamond wings. We are also creating a selection of silver dove pendants with diamond eyes and plain silver dove pendants.

During these difficult times in which we find ourselves, maybe we are able to gain a fraction of insight into the hardships that our parents and grandparents endured during their long years living in an imprisoned island. We hope that our Dove is a symbol of peace, love and freedom, not only in terms of what that meant to islanders back in 1945, but also in its relevance to us today in our challenging world.

Sterling silver Dove pendants from £87

Limited edition 18ct white gold diamond set Dove pendants from £975.




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