9 Blampied white gold blue sapphire foot Pendant

Blampied white gold blue sapphire foot Pendant

The ‘Blampieds’, …. for everyone on life’s journey!

The name Blampied, pronounced BLOM-P-YEAH, comes from the French Blampied meaning ‘white foot.’

This Jersey surname is the root which anchors the Blampied family, owners of Aurum Jewellers, in their island home and the foot that they have created is not only symbolic to their jewellery business but is also something whose delightfully tactile shape evokes a carefree joie-de-vivre!

The ‘Blampieds’ are made in any of the beautiful white metals: sterling silver, 18ct white gold or platinum. Whether made into a pendant, a bracelet, anklet or a pair of cufflinks, the ‘Blampied’ can be set with diamond or coloured gemstone toes or left simply plain and polished.

So, whether you are marking the start of an adventure away from home and putting your best foot forward; if you are the proud parent to a new baby boy or girl; if you just love Jersey life on the beach…there is a Blampied for you!

18ct white gold pendant set with 5 brilliant cut diamonds, on a white gold chain.(Chain sold separately)

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