3 Le Don Hilton Jersey Landmark

Le Don Hilton Jersey Landmark

This sterling silver Jersey Landmark model is of Le Don Hilton. This little cottage sits on the seawall beside the stunning beach of St Ouen and is known colloquially as ‘the white house’ due to its distinctive whitewashed exterior. This 18th-century building was used as a powder magazine up until the end of the Napoleonic wars.

After the wars, with no further need to defend the island, the property was converted into a simple cottage, and was subsequently occupied by Marie Best and her children, who were locals escaping the smallpox epidemic of the time by seeking refuge in the cottage. Throughout the next century, the cottage had several owners until it became the property of Lt-Col J.A. Hilton in 1932, whose widow gave it to the Trust in 1975. The name means Hilton’s gift.

We have designed and handcrafted our replica of Le Don Hilton in sterling silver and finished it using various techniques such as polishing and satining. The model is presented on a slice of agate which is available in a variety of colours.


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