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La Corbière Lighthouse Jersey Landmark in Sterling Silver

Replica model of La Corbière Lighthouse Jersey landmark in sterling silver presented on an agate slice (various colours available).

More Details

This particular Jersey Landmark model is based on of the most photographed buildings in Jersey. On the south west coast of Jersey, La Corbière means ‘gathering place of the crows’.

Completed in 1873, the lighthouse was the first in the British Isles to be made of concrete rather than traditional stone. It stands 135ft above mean sea level and the light- originally lit by paraffin oil- can be seen from up to 18 miles away. On a clear day it is one of the first landmarks to be sighted by anyone travelling on the ferry from the neighbouring island of Guernsey.

We have designed and handcrafted our replica of La Corbière lighthouse in sterling silver and finished it using various techniques such as polishing and satining. The model is presented on a slice of agate which is available in various colours.

La Corbière Lighthouse Jersey Landmark in Sterling Silver