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Noirmont Tower Jersey Landmark in Sterling Silver

Replica model of Noirmont Tower in sterling silver presented on an agate slice (various colours available).

More Details

The original Noirmont Tower is a massive structure. Its brooding cliff-top presence over the Island’s sea approaches is, for many, one of the most potent symbols of the Occupation. The tower was, in fact, known as a ‘Marine Peilstand’ or ‘Naval direction-finding tower’, and is one of three constructed in Jersey, out of a planned total of nine.

The design of these towers is unique to the Channel Islands, and may take its inspiration from the 18th Century Round Towers that ring the local coastline

The observation slits, set in two metres of concrete, provide an impressive setting for the distant sea views towards France. On top of the tower is a mounting for a 2cm Flak Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun.

We have designed and handcrafted our replica of The Noirmont Observation Tower in sterling silver and finished it using various techniques such as polishing and satining. The model is presented on a slice of agate which is available in various colours.

Noirmont Tower Jersey Landmark in Sterling Silver